CHEAT CODES: Study Secrets (for the busy and lazy)
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The best Study Guide in the game!

One day you woke up and your childhood was over. You had to start getting ready everyday to turn up to this place called school. No one explained why you were going there and they didn't really explain to you how it works. Take this book as the rules to the game and the cheat codes to get through it.

From a self-professed (and certified by my teachers) lazy person, with a learning disorder, who managed to graduate with a First Class degree and Scholarship from Cambridge University, whilst playing sports, running societies, building multiple businesses and throwing parties. Uni can feel like you're either out of time or energy, here's the playbook for combatting both.

These are the study tips and tricks that no one teaches you and they'll save you a hell of a lot of time and STRESS.

Like you, I struggled through school, even if it didn't look like it on the outside, and I'm here to help you through. They were learned and earned through years of research and plenty of self-experimentation (read: blood, sweat and many many 4am tears in the library). I wrote the Study Guide I wish I had when the world was crashing down and it felt like my future was in the balance. You're not broken or stupid, you just need to play the game differently; then you win!

Money-back guarantee: if you do not feel the book is worth, at least, 10x the price in value, I'll shoot you a refund. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Topics include:

1. Mindset - The best way to prime your mind to win.

2. Systems and Strategy - You can't win without a plan, here's a foolproof strategy for maximising uni and sorting out your life.

3. Exam Tactics - the best methods for studying and approaching exams, so you can smash it on the day.

Killing procrastination - it's a beast. You have to kill it or use it for fuel. We'll explore how to do both.

Maximising Uni - goal setting, career planning, balancing internships, building side hustles and other skills.

Maintaining a social life - They say you can only sleep, study or socialise. Pick two. We found some ways around that. 

Know Yourself - learning how to work with yourself, instead of fighting who you are!

• Love of the game - how to make school and university feel meaningful and even enjoyable. We're shooting for great results but the process can be fun too.

• Avoiding Burnout and dealing with anxiety and depression - Uni gets real, here are some tips to get through. Straight from the trenches, I've been there.

Learning how to learn - sounds odd but it's a thing. The science behind efficient learning. 

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