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michael akinbolu

Software Engineering Coach

Michael is a Software Engineer (Contractor) and completed a degree in Software Engineering, with a specialism in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Brunel University London. He is also the founder of Taokudi Innovators, an initiative focused on using technology to educate and create innovative solutions with the aim of providing economic empowerment across Africa.


Finance & Compliance Coach

Kennie is a Compliance Analyst/Officer currently working in the FinTech industry. She has worked in a wide range of industries including FinTech, Banking, Big 4 and a Tech Start-up. She is very knowledgable about the world of compliance and contracting, having secured lucrative contracts roles and permanent roles with large pay rises throughout her 5 year career so far.

Through her experience, she has been able to help numerous young professionals to gain career confidence and equip them for the corporate world.


Technology Coach

Hunger, Energy, Hustle.

Born in London, growing up in The Hague and with strong cultural roots to Pakistan, Hashim studied Politics, Philosophy, Economics at The University of York. However, he was often found building a non-profit consultancy - York Community Consulting to give students real world employability opportunities to work with charities and start-ups and building relationships with consulting firms. 

Following university, Hashim has pursued a career within the internet sector across a number of growth, sales and product roles at Meta, Microsoft and now Google where he is a Product Lead for EMEA. He is also involved in the start-up economy as an operator and advisor.


Finance Coach

Growing up in London on the East End, juggling the responsibilities of being a first generation immigrant and initially pursuing a career away from Finance, Rehab has made the pivot to Finance and Investments. Rehab studied Mathematics with Actuarial Science from Queen Mary University of London where he self-funded his own degree from a modest background.  

He has experience in tutoring and mentoring teenagers and young adults in university looking for guidance in as they embark on a corporate career. Following university, Rehab has pursued a career in Investments working with Investec as part of their front office wealth management arm and portfolio management functions. 


Software Engineering Coach

Esther is an Award-Winning (2021 Top 20 Women in Software Power List),

 Software Engineer at CompareTheMarket and completed a degree in Mathematics & Statistics from the University of Warwick in 2019.

She has completed an internship in the Civil Service Fast Stream and also runs her own beauty start-up, Intricate Beauty.

Jefferson Emmanuel

Investment Banking Coach

Jefferson is a first-year economic undergraduate at the University of Warwick.

He is an aspiring investment banker, achieving spring week offers from firms such as JP Morgan and Perella Weinberg Partners.


Software Engineering and School Leaver Coach

Saf is a software development/engineering degree apprentice at a bulge-bracket investment bank, working and studying towards a full Bachelors degree in Software development/engineering. She has a variety of work experience such as working with the international consumer goods company Procter and Gamble and training in a range of different Software tools centred around RPA, Robotic Process Automations.


Software Engineering and School Leaver Coach

VA is a Software engineering degree apprentice at a bulge bracket investment bank, Studying towards a Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions. 

VA has written personal statements with 100% offer rate receiving offers from the likes of The University of Southampton and The London School of Economics. 

Life of sol

Investment Banking Coach

Solomon is an Investment Banking Analyst and completed a degree in Engineering from the University of Warwick. He is known as the "Bodybuilding Banker" for his strong physique and ability to juggle a busy schedule with an intensive job.

He has worked in a number of major investment banks and also runs his own Health & Wellness platform. Through his experience, he has been able to coach numerous students and help them attain a full-time role.


Engineering Coach

My name is Joshua currently working as Graduate engineer within the construction industry, I am holder of a degree in Civil Engineering and a master in Engineering Project Management. 

I have 3+ years of experience in construction and project management and have worked with some of the biggest construction firms in the country.

Toni Fola-Alade

Entrepreneurship and Law Coach

Toni is an Incoming Trainee Lawyer and completed a BA in Human, Social and Political Science from the University of Cambridge in 2020. 

He has worked within Finance as a Securities and Wealth Management Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs. In addition, he has interned within Law, resulting in his Training Contract offer from Clifford Chance.

Currently, he is working as a UK Youth Delegate for the G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia and building his tech start-up, Nomad.


Technology and School Leaver Coach

Jesse is a first-year Mathematics w/ Computer Science undergraduate at Brunel University.

He aspires to work in tech, and has already managed to receive internship interviews and offers from world renowned companies such as Pearson, Bloomberg and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Mosope Ogunnaike

Engineering Coach

Mosope is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer, specialising in Commissioning Engineering/Management. He is passionate about sharing the niche industries he works in (Commissioning/Data Centre) with as many people that want to learn. 

He has worked on some major projects in his short time in the industry. Through his aforementioned passion and experience thus far, he is working to coach students and help introduce and transition graduates into the Commissioning Industry. 


Software Engineering Coach

Emmanuel is a Technology Analyst with CitiGroup in London,

A recent graduate from the University of Warwick, Emmanuel has completed internships and spring weeks across different divisions at leading investment banks.

He believes that often times motivated individuals are capable beyond what they perceive but lack access to the right information and guidance. As such, he is keen to share his experiences and knowledge, having given various talks and seminars on how candidates can maximise their chances of securing internships and placements in Finance and Technology. 

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