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The Conditioning Bible
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My ultimate collection of high intensity circuits. A collection of 40 High intenstity training sessions designed for use as "finishers", metabolic conditioning work or home workouts.

If your goal is to rapidly lose fat whilst retaining muscle, dramaically increase your cardio vascular conditioning or just get a serious pump/sweat on without trekking in to the gym or whilst on holiday then look no further.

With just this collection of sessions alone you could build an undeniable physique and a terrifying level of conditioning (both Cardiovascular and bodyfat..)

The best part is that for the vast majority of these sessions you will not need a gym. If you have a couple of bits (a kettlebell/ dumbbell, a TRX, An old punchbag in the garage, a medicine ball/sand bag) Then you won't have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the sessions in. (Also works very well if travelling with limited access to gyms).

Even if you don't have ANY of this equipment there is a bodyweight only section to tide you over!

List of Content:
1.1 Instructions
1.2 My Go-to's
1.3 Kettlebell only 
1.4 TRX only
1.5 Boxing
1.6 Bodyweight only
1.7 Battle Rope
1.8 Leg Specific 
1.9 Upper Body Specific
1.10 Strength Based
1.11 EMOM


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