Band Board™
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Versatile workouts at home made simple.

Tired of the same, boring home workouts? Or just want to neaten up your work space?

Look no further, the Band Board™ is here to help solve just that.


  • Easy to operate: Colour coded board, perfect for target specific muscle movements! Red for pectoralis, Yellow for Latissimus Dorsi, Yellow for triceps, Green for legs, waist and arms)
  • Portable & Compact: Assembly is straightforward, with the board being portable - perfect for taking your workout on the go and keeping your workspace clear.
  • Multi-functional: The Band Board™ is a one-stop board to exercise multiple body-parts, with one piece of equipment. Perfect for a full-body workout!
  • Advanced cushioning anti-skid handle - The newly added resistance band can exercise all parts of the body more comprehensively. specification: Material: ABS engineering materials
  • Size: 665mm * 190mm * 18mm / 26.18in * 7.48in * 0.7in
  • Net weight: 1.18kg with resistance band, 1.05kg without resistance band
  • Material: ABS engineering material


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